Booker T Says He Can Tell This WWE NXT Star Will Be A 'Player In The Business'

Since joining the "WWE NXT" commentary team in October 2022, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has been granted a front-row seat to all the televised events for WWE's developmental brand. Most recently, Booker was on call for "NXT" Deadline, which took place on December 9 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. On a new episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker provided a recap of the premium live event, which included the resurgence of former "NXT" Women's Tag Team Champion Cora Jade.

In discussing Jade's return, Booker noted his belief that the young "NXT" talent is on track to becoming a major figure in the wrestling industry. "The thing with Cora is you could tell she's a star. She's going to be a player in the business," Booker said. "Even once she gets to the main roster, there's something about Cora that just stands out. She's different than most of the girls on the roster. She reminds me of AJ Lee so much. She reminds me of that firecracker that was just herself and unapologetic. [Cora is an] 'I'm going to go out and do it like this, whether you like it or not' type of girl. So I'm glad Cora's back, because she's always been one of my favorites. Of course, everybody needs to work on certain things. I can't wait to get her under my tutelage a little bit, get her on a film study one day, and work with her. She does a lot of things so well, but there's always certain things you can work on."

Following her surprise return to "NXT," Jade received a surprise of her own, as she was greeted by an already established player, her childhood favorite CM Punk. While backstage at "NXT" Deadline, the former WWE Champion issued a special congratulations to Jade, informing her that he and his wife, former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, were both extremely proud of her progress in WWE.

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