AEW's Mariah May Recalls The Advice She Received After WWE Tryout

Long before she became All Elite, Mariah May received the opportunity to try out for another major wrestling company – WWE. During a recent episode of "Talk Is Jericho," the recent AEW signee looked back on her previous interactions with WWE, including a 2019 tryout that occurred at a WWE Performance Center located in Enfield, England. While May didn't end up with a WWE contract afterward, she was offered some valuable advice from former WWE trainer, Sarah Stock.

"I had like three matches, and they asked me to do a tryout, and I was like, 'What?' I thought it was for WWE, but then I think it actually was for NXT UK, which is different because I'm not sure I would have ever signed there," May said. "Whereas WWE, I would have signed to that early on because there's a PC and you're going to train and stuff. So I had a tryout with them then, and actually, Sarah Stock gave me the advice to go and travel ... They knew about me before and they'd spoken to me before. Then NXT UK happened and they're like, 'Come and try out for this.' Then they said to travel more. They wanted me to get more experience because with NXT UK, they didn't have a full-time PC. It was like once every two months or something."

Following her brief venture with WWE, May returned to action on the independent wrestling circuit in the United Kingdom, where she continued to build her in-ring resume. In 2022, May gradually began expanding her reach. Following some notable appearances in the United States and Germany, May made her way to Japan in January 2023 for what later became a nine-month stint in STARDOM. Now, May stands as one of the newest additions to the AEW women's locker room.

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