AEW Star Chris Jericho Provides Details On Upcoming Documentary About His Vietnam Visit

Though his AEW World Tag Team Championship shot is up in the air following partner Kenny Omega's battle with diverticulitis, Chris Jericho has had plenty to occupy his time otherwise, including a recent trip to Vietnam. There, Jericho made a surprise appearance for the Vietnamese promotion Vietnam Pro Wrestling, something that sprung up after Jericho decided to make a documentary about wrestling in Vietnam, after talking to VPW promoters for his podcast "Talk is Jericho."

As Jericho explained during an interview with "WFAA," it was that podcast appearance that made Jericho consider exploring the subject more, as his previous knowledge about Vietnam had merely been related to the Vietnam War and movies on the subject.

"After the podcast was over, [I was] kind of listening to what they went through to get it started, and the passion they had," Jericho said. "They didn't even have a wrestling ring at first, they wrestled on mats. I thought there was a very interesting documentary in there, and I've done a couple of documentaries so far...So the guys were there, probably about ten days before I was, but I knew I wanted to be there.

"We didn't even know what capacity, but while I was there, we came up with the ending of the documentary. It's going to be very cool, very heartwarming, and it's going to once again show that pro wrestling is this entity that is worldwide. It's not just here in the States, it's not just in Canada, it's everywhere. And it makes people happy and gives them a chance to live their dreams, no matter what country you happen to be born in. And I just thought 'That's a story I wanted to tell.'"

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