Becky Lynch Teases WWE WrestleMania 40 Match

Even though her contract with WWE is set to expire in 2024, Becky Lynch doesn't seem to be in a hurry to leave WWE any time soon. As such, that means there's plenty left for "The Man" to do under the promotion's confines, including when it comes to WrestleMania 40 this April, where Lynch figures to be heavily factored into plans.

Those potential WrestleMania plans came up when Lynch sat down for an interview with "Strutting From Gorilla." And while Lynch does have unfinished business before getting there, including with a current onscreen rival, Lynch's ideal Mania match would be to face one of the few stars in WWE who are on her level and win back some championship gold in the process.

"I think there's so many talented up-and-comers," Lynch said. "One match we haven't gotten to yet is numero uno on the docket, as I've got to shut up Nia Jax. Because we haven't had that match, which is unbelievable to think, that Nia Jax and I have never gone one-on-one in a WWE ring. 

"And then there is the next stop, which is taking that title off Rhea Ripley. Because that title, when I hold that title, that title is the main event of every show. Now her title has been seen in many main events, but not because she's been defending it. No, just because she's been the accompaniment to the main events. And I can't have that. I'm sick of that...and I'm going to take that title back off of her, preferably at WrestleMania."

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