Video: WWE HOFer Hulk Hogan Gets Baptized And Dedicates Himself To Jesus

Throughout his public life, Hulk Hogan has been many things, including a wrestling star, movie star, WWE Hall of Famer, and for a brief period in the 2010s, pariah. Now as Hogan enters his 70s, he's turning more towards something he always preached about to his Hulkamaniacs; religion.

On Instagram Wednesday, Hogan posted a video of himself being baptized in what appeared to be a hot tub, as well as another video of him helping a woman get baptized as well. Hogan included a message with the videos, declaring the day to be "the greatest day of my life," and that he would now be surrendering and dedicating his life to Jesus Christ. He closed by saying "No worries, no hate, no judgment...only love."

2023 has been quite the year for Hogan in regards to religion, as the former nWo leader had previously been linked to Scientology earlier in the year after being spotted hanging out with Tom Cruise. It's unclear what ultimately led Hogan away from Scientology and back towards Christianity, though some thought Hogan's flirtation with Scientology may have been the result of members trying to pressure Hogan to join the group.

Alas, with Hogan still saying his prayers, in addition to eating his vitamins, it gives the "Hulkster" plenty of time to survey the wrestling landscape and continue talks of maybe one day getting back in the ring, even while admitting he should've retired years ago. Hogan was most recently in the news offering praise for former WWE rival Randy Orton, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and LA Knight, listing the three as wrestlers he would like to step into the ring with.