AEW Announcer Jim Ross Comments On His Return To Television

Last month, AEW commentator Jim Ross announced that he'd be taking some time off the road to deal with some ongoing health concerns, including a leg injury he sustained in a fall over the summer. On December 20, Ross made his return to television for "AEW Dynamite," which emanated from Oklahoma City. While Ross initially planned on just watching the event from backstage, AEW later revealed that he'd be on the call for the main event match between Jay White and Jon Moxley. On a recent episode "Grilling JR," Ross detailed the events that led up to his return to AEW programming.

"I knew that when Oklahoma City was booked, that I would go to the show if I was able, healthy enough, and felt well enough because I would be here for the holidays for my grandkids and my daughters," Ross said. "I just sent out a tweet, casually saying, 'I look forward to seeing all the guys.' I was just going to do a little drive-by in the afternoon and say hello to everybody, which I was perfectly fine doing. But then, it kind of grew into a booking idea, apparently. The response on social media, on Twitter especially, was overwhelming, and that influences a lot of people and their decision-making sometimes, so all of a sudden, it became a thing. Tony [Schiavone] promoted it on his piece of business. I didn't know until we started to walk out, before my music played, that he was going to introduce me. He just came up and [said] he wanted to do it. So, that's how that started and then I got to go call them a really good match."

As of now, it remains to be seen if Ross resume his weekly commentating duties, or if this "Dynamite" appearance was merely a one-off. Ross has, however, expressed interest in potentially coming up for the AEW Worlds End pay-per-view, which is slated to take place in Long Island on December 30

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Grilling JR" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.