Tyrus Explains Why Ric Flair Shouldn't Have Apologized For Lambasted AEW Promo

Since he debuted in AEW back in October, Ric Flair's run with the promotion has been polarizing. Or at least it has been during his rare appearances, as the "Nature Boy" has largely been out of sight, out of mind since late November, when an appearance on "AEW Rampage" garnererd a ton of scrutiny for some of Flair's remarks.

Fortunately for the wrestling legend, he has a supporter in another well-known wrestling figure; former NWA World Champion Tyrus. And Tyrus let Flair know, during an interview on "Fox News" that has since made its way to social media, that the "Nature Boy" shouldn't be apologizing for things like the "Rampage" promo.

"I have to be honest with you, I have a little bit of beef with you," Tyrus said. "You put a post out where you had the temerity to think that maybe you shouldn't have walked out there at AEW. Let me remind you of who you are. You have forgotten more wrestling than most of us will ever know. You are one of the last greats that when you come out, and walk that aisle, a grandfather can look at his grandson and say 'I saw this guy wrestle and this is the reason why you're here.'

"Don't you ever, and I don't comment on social media that much, but don't you ever apologize for Ric Flair coming out because when you come out, that pop is as loud as it's ever been. I have to remind you of two things. Diamonds are forever and so is Ric Flair. You need to remember that. Thank you for who you are, sir. You are welcome at any wrestling arena at any time because you just walking by the locker room, we're all going to get smarter."