Gail Kim Offers Her Thoughts On The TNA Brand Returning, Classic Six-Sided Ring

Last October, Impact Wrestling revealed that they would be reverting back to their former company name of Total Nonstop Action (TNA). Despite the announcement being met with a mixed reception, TNA producer Gail Kim is thrilled to be participating in the rebrand.

"When I heard the news, it was a secret, and I was jumping for joy," Kim told "Ring The Belle." "Some people were like, 'Are you sure that's the right move?' I was like 'Absolutely it's the best move.' It's given us nothing but momentum and I think people are excited for the nostalgia. It's just been a really exciting year. I think we're going to go for it in 2024."

While TNA has returned to their original name, early reports indicated that the promotion would not be reviving their signature six-sided ring. This decision came after many current talents expressed their apprehension about competing in its awkward structure. When asked for her thoughts on potentially bringing back the six-sided ring, Kim revealed that she wasn't against the idea, but she does prefer to use the traditional four-sided professional wrestling ring.

"I went back and forth a couple of times, and I will say, I don't mind [the six-sided ring]," Kim said. "It is harder on the wrestlers' bodies, so in that regard, I'd rather have longevity within our talent. When you're tagging, it is a lot of mak[ing] sure you're whipping to the right part of the ring so it looks cool. I think it's unique, and I love that the fans love it, but overall, I think the four-sided ring works better."

Impact's rebrand into TNA officially went into effect on January 13 — the same day as the 2024 Hard To Kill pay-per-view.

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