AJ Francis, Formerly Top Dolla In WWE, Assesses His Wrestling Future

AJ Francis (formerly known as Top Dolla) made his TNA Wrestling debut this weekend on the Hard To Kill pre-show, being involved in a physical altercation with Joe Hendry, while he has also popped up at GCW since his 90-day release clause has come to an end. It appears that fans need to get used to seeing the former Hit Row star, because he's promised, "I'm gonna be everywhere. You're gonna get sick of seeing me."

"I keep saying it, and I say this to everybody that asks me, and I'm telling you, I'm going to be everywhere. I got a point to prove," Francis told the "Oh You Didn't Know?" podcast. "If you send me a flight, I'm coming." 

Money is not an objective focus for Francis right now, who confessed his "WWE NXT" contract was the worst he signed in his adult life. However, he has previously made it clear that he is done with tag team wrestling for the time being, wanting to put a focus on himself as a singles act during this chapter of his career. One man who has proven the possibilities that are available outside the WWE bubble is Matt Cardona, who Francis has been watching.

"I'm trying to be Black Cardona, you feel me," he said. "I see exactly what he does and how he does it, and he even literally made a YouTube video telling people how to do it, and they're still not going to do it. But me, I listen and pay attention real good."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Oh You Didn't Know?" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.