Matt Riddle Says He Fed Seth Rollins Infamous Line In WWE Promo

During his five years with WWE, Matt Riddle had a few noteworthy feuds, but none stood out like his rivalry with Seth Rollins. The most memorable moment between the two was likely the interview segment that saw Rollins bring up Riddle's divorce and relationship with his children, to the shock of many fans. During a recent appearance with Signed By Superstars, Riddle offered some additional insight on the highly personal segment.

"Not only was [the promo] scripted, I told Seth to say it," Riddle said. "There's already all this ... crap going on. I was like, 'Yeah, sure.'"

The promo segment in question took place in August 2022, ahead of the pair's WWE Clash At The Castle bout. When the topic of Rollins' family came up, Rollins told Riddle that he no longer had a family after getting divorced, as his kids no longer wanted to see him. The line came amid rumors surrounding Riddle's family situation at home, and some fans wondered at the time if Rollins had cleared the line with Riddle in advance.

According to Riddle, there were genuine issues between himself and Rollins at one point, and the longtime WWE star had no desire to wrestle Riddle. However, the two were eventually able to work things out. Riddle stated that he apologized to Rollins for their past differences, which included comments made by Riddle's ex-wife regarding Rollins' wife, WWE's Becky Lynch.

After signing with WWE in 2018, Riddle was released back in September after several controversial incidents. That includes a confrontation between Riddle and members of law enforcement at JFK International Airport just a short time before he was let go. Riddle is now making appearances for New Japan Pro-Wrestling as well as Major League Wrestling, where he had previously appeared before signing with WWE.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Signed By Superstars with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.