Bully Ray Takes A Look At The 'Long Game' Of The WWE Landscape

Over the last few years, fan anticipation has risen toward one particular "dream match" in WWE: Roman Reigns against his cousin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. That match has never seemed closer to fruition than it does right now, with Johnson recently appearing on "WWE Raw" and teasing that he would come for Reigns' position as the "Head of the Table." As of now, though, it's not exactly clear whether this bout will take place in a few months at WWE WrestleMania 40 or a later date.

During a recent appearance on ESPN's "First Take," Johnson responded to a question about whether he'll appear at this year's WrestleMania by stating that he's a "longer gamer" and someone who likes to build things over time. Speaking on a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," former WWE star Bully Ray shared what he believes that means for when Rock vs. Reigns might take place.

"WrestleMania is right around the corner," Bully said. "I don't know how much of a long game that there is."

While Bully doesn't feel that the company has enough time to properly set up Rock vs. Reigns for this year, he also isn't sure about 2025. After referencing rumors that Minneapolis, Minnesota will host WWE WrestleMania 41, the "Busted Open" host shared his belief that it's not the right venue for such a significant match. Additionally, the WWE Hall of Famer thinks that Johnson means for the match to happen in front of a record-breaking crowd, which is more evidence against WrestleMania 40 as well.

Selling Out A Major Event

It's unknown when the showdown between The Rock and Reigns will take place, but the shape of WrestleMania 40 should become much clearer over the next few days. The 2024 WWE Royal Rumble is this Saturday and, in addition to the two Rumbles, there is another match with major WrestleMania implications: Reigns defending his title against LA Knight, AJ Styles, and Randy Orton.

Bully is under the belief that if Reigns loses the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship this weekend, the decision was likely made so that the title isn't involved in his match against The Rock, implying it is taking place this April after all. However, with the vast majority of tickets for the event already sold, Bully thinks The Rock will want to hold off for another WrestleMania.

"WrestleMania sells out on its own, but if you announce Rock and Roman, and you put tickets on sale significantly earlier and that place comes close to selling out, [then] they're the ones that did it," Bully continued. "Rock is not going to want to be involved in anything unless it can be the number one [event]. ... He doesn't want to be the number two or number three. He wants to, at this stage of the game, close to 50, on the [WWE Board of Directors], he's gonna want to say, 'I'm the one responsible for doing this.' ... Otherwise, what's the point?"

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