AEW Star Ricky Starks Names His Favorite Wrestlers

AEW's Ricky Starks may be one of the more successful wrestlers in America right now, being one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions and all. But even with all the success, Starks is still a fan of the craft, and like other fans out there, he has his own favorites in the squared circle. During an appearance on "Gabby AF," Starks was asked about who his favorite wrestlers were, both male and female. Starks began by listing the male wrestlers, which included a wrestling legend, one of the top stars in Japan, and a wrestler very near and dear to Starks' heart.

"My favorite male favorite of all time is The Undertaker, so he's definitely up there," Starks said. "My second favorite would probably be me, for sure. Obviously, duh. And the third would be [Tetsuya] Naito. I really think that he's great."

As for Starks' favorite female wrestlers, he had a little trouble deciding on his third choice, ultimately listing three names that could fill the spot. As far as his other favorites went, however, Starks had no trouble, especially when it came to a real-life close friend and former AEW co-worker turned WWE star.

"Jade Cargill," Starks said. "I like Jade, I like Giulia. My third is probably, and this is no specific order by the way, so don't get your feelings hurt. But my third...that's a hard one, because there's like three people for that spot. Mercedes Mone, Bayley, and Asuka. So that's hard. But I'm only giving you three. There's like a lot more, of course. That's off the top of my dome."

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