Top WWE Star Wants To Fight Logan Paul At WrestleMania 40

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul may have a target on his back as we head towards WrestleMania 40, with an old rival possibly facing him at "The Show of Shows."

During his appearance on "In The Kliq," Knight laid out his plans for his future in WWE, stating that he's looking for the top spot in the promotion and winning titles. When asked by the host if he would like to challenge Paul at WrestleMania 40, the "WWE SmackDown" star said that it could be possibility.

"Well, I'll tell you what, if it presents itself and that's a thing, yeah, maybe," said Knight. "WrestleMania, at this point, as far as the WWE Universal Undisputed Championship, that's already been determined. So, it's not going to be me and Roman Reigns.

"With that being the case, am I open to another opportunity on the way to claiming my throne at some point, absolutely. Will I cross paths with Logan Paul? I don't know. Will I cross paths with GUNTHER? I don't know. Will I cross paths with Seth Rollins? I don't know. But at some point, one way or another, I'm coming for gold and I'm looking for the top spot, 'cause I can't be in any other spot."

Knight and Paul had come face-to-face last year in the days leading up to the Money in the Bank show, which was won by Damian Priest. Knight had promised then that he would confront the YouTube star later, but the feud has yet to materialize on WWE television.

Paul has held the title — his first in the promotion — for 100 days, having won it from Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel last year. Since winning the title, he has defended it just once, at last month's Royal Rumble where he won against Kevin Owens.