Former WWE Talent Matt Riddle On Vince McMahon Allegations: 'I'm Not Surprised'

Nearly three weeks after it first came to light, the lawsuit against Vince McMahon accusing him of sex trafficking and abuse continues to grab headlines, especially as more stories regarding McMahon's behavior over the years continue to resurface. The lawsuit and subsequent allegations have drawn several different reactions towards McMahon, from condemnation to complete shock.

One person who doesn't fall into the latter category is former WWE star Matt Riddle. In an interview with "Saturday Night's Main Event," Riddle couldn't hide his lack of surprise regarding everything that had come out about his former boss.

"When I've seen Vince do all the things he's done from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s, everything, I was not surprised," Riddle said. "I mean, some of it, a little, but the guy's a billionaire that owns a company and has probably done it all and seen it all and wants to do more and see more. 

"I don't know, I'm not a billionaire. I wasn't the dude, Brock was the dude he was talking to or whoever else, it wasn't me. I really have no comment other than that. I mean, I'm not surprised. I hear people say they are surprised, I'm not surprised. I mean, the guy is a maniac."

Riddle himself is no stranger to the type of allegations surrounding McMahon, having previously been accused of sexual assault by former wrestler Candy Cartwright during the Speaking Out movement. Cartwright would later file a lawsuit against Riddle, WWE, and former promotion EVOLVE, though it would later be dismissed, at Cartwright's behest, in the summer of 2021.

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