Why Chad Gable Says It's 'Interesting' To Watch Cody Rhodes In WWE

As of this moment, Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns is scheduled to headline WrestleMania 40, with Rhodes looking once again to unseat Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. But there have been plenty of twists and turns to get there, with Rhodes seemingly ceding his title shot to The Rock two weeks ago, followed by negative fan reaction seemingly leading to the WWE reversing course once more.


For fellow WWE star Chad Gable, he sees it all in good fun. In an interview with the "Battleground Podcast," Gable feels the story, and the fan reaction, is an indication of how great things are when fans react organically.

"What I would say about is it's so indicative of our audience, how unique and awesome our audience is because there is no predicting how people are going to respond or react to anything we do," Gable said. "You have might it in your mind what you think is going to happen, or how you feel like they're going to feel about it. You never know. When stuff happens organically and hits out of nowhere, it's always the best stuff we do. 

"So the fact that this stuff is kind of taking on a life of its own, you're forming different teams and you're forming different factions for who they're supporting and what they're supporting, and kind of the ideas and ideation behind why they do this stuff, it's so interesting to watch from a fan perspective myself. I'm treating it like that right now. It's organic man, and it's been a long...we don't get those very often. I would just suggest people enjoy it, root for your guy, whoever that ends up being, and let it play out, because when we get these kinds of situations, there's nothing better."


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