Dave Meltzer Reports More Details Behind Scott D'Amore's Termination From TNA

With a week having passed since TNA suddenly fired President Scott D'Amore, the pieces continue to come together as to why D'Amore was let go. Perhaps the biggest revelation has been that, while the news came as a shock to many outside of TNA, it was less of a shock from within, with TNA's parent company Anthem reportedly deciding to fire D'Amore well before it was announced.


On the latest edition of "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer confirmed that was the case, with Anthem deciding to let go of D'Amore before their Hard to Kill PPV on January 13, and that D'Amore was aware his days were numbered. It was also confirmed that D'Amore's impending departure is what led to him attempting to purchase TNA, which Anthem quickly rebuffed.

As it turns out, D'Amore wasn't the only TNA executive to lose power last month, as Anthem also removed Ed Nordholm from power, though he's maintained his COO position with Anthem. Nordholm's departure is said to be related to him looking to increase TNA's budget, with Nordholm being noted as the man who greenlit major contract offers to then-free agents Will Ospreay and CM Punk. Speculation has remained that D'Amore himself was let go in part due to wanting to increase TNA's budget, though it remains inconclusive as to whether that was the case.


D'Amore's firing has remained polarizing within the TNA locker room, with many talents expressing loyalty to the long-time TNA executive. The promotion hasn't run any TV tapings since D'Amore was let go, having recently wrapped up a month's worth of tapings in January. The promotion is set to hold its first show under the leadership of new President Anthony Cicone on February 23, when they run No Surrender out of Westwego, Louisiana.