Major Member Of WWE Creative Team Reportedly Departs Company

After having plenty of turnover in the past, the WWE creative team has largely been stable ever since Triple H took the reigns as Chief Content Officer in September 2022. There will be at least somewhat of a shake-up, however, after the promotion says goodbye to one of the team's key members.


PWInsider reports that WWE Senior Writer and Producer Jennifer Pepperman has left WWE. Not much is known about Pepperman's departure, beyond the fact that Pepperman decided to leave the promotion and that she was not released. "Raw" General Manager Adam Pearce acknowledged Pepperman's departure on X Thursday morning, praising her creativity, passion, and energy, and expressing gratitude for their time working together.


Pepperman began her career in soap operas, working as both a director and producer for shows such as "One Life To Live" and "As The World Turns," where she directed 231 episodes from 2004 to 2010. She would join WWE's writing team in April 2017 and was said to have most recently worked on WWE's "SmackDown" brand, writing storylines for the women's division.

While Pepperman mostly stayed out of the news during her WWE tenure, she briefly made headlines in April 2023, when she, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and other current and former members of WWE's creative team were named in a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by former WWE writer Brittany Abrahams. In the suit, Abrahams claimed Pepperman mistreated her and other black writers while behaving differently towards Abraham's white co-workers. Abrahams would later file to dismiss the lawsuit in August 2023, and the case was officially dropped in October.