AEW's Tay Melo Posts Pic With 'One Of The Coolest Wrestlers' (Not Sammy Guevara)

While she has yet to return to in-ring action, Tay Melo continues to support AEW, and her husband Sammy Guevara, from the sidelines. Most recently, Guevara took on multi-time tag team champion Jeff Hardy in a match scheduled to air on tonight's episode of "AEW Rampage." Unfortunately, the contest didn't go exactly as planned, as Hardy reportedly sustained a broken nose while attempting to block Guevara's Shooting Star Press.


Following this news, Tay Melo posted a smiling photograph (via X) of herself and Hardy standing backstage with the caption, "One of the coolest wrestlers in the whole world (after dada of course). Let's go #AEWRampage." Melo can also be seen holding her first child, Luna Melo Guevara, who was officially welcomed into the world in November 2023.

Concern over Hardy's injury status began on Wednesday evening as multiple videos surfaced online showing a scary botch during the pre-taped "Rampage" match between Hardy and Guevara. As Guevara descended from the top rope with a Shooting Star Press, Hardy raised his knees in an effort to shield himself. At the same time, one of Guevara's legs accidentally landed on Hardy's head, causing it to crash into the canvas. Initially speculated as being a possible concussion, reports later indicated that Hardy's injury was a broken nose.


Last year, Hardy faced another health concern. This time, it was in relation to his vision. Given that he had been enduring a worrying sensation of double division, Hardy opted to undergo eye surgery — a surgery he previously described as his biggest challenge of 2023.