Why Kevin Owens Says He Can't Wait For WWE Feud With Logan Paul To Be Over

Kevin Owens is no fan of divisive YouTube star and WWE United States Champion Logan Paul, and his animosity boiled over during the men's Elimination Chamber match on Saturday. Paul spent much of the match waiting in his pod and drawing unflattering doodles of the former WWE Universal Champion until his pod opened and Owens attacked. Owens didn't let up throughout the fight until Lashley speared Paul through the pod. The beating fulfilled a promise Owens made before the event.


"[Logan Paul is] extremely aggravating and stressful and annoying and just, I can't wait for it to be over and I just want to get away from him for as long as I can. He's an unbearable human being," Owens told The West Sport before Elimination Chamber: Perth. "Any chance I get to beat the hell out of him, I'm happy. So if that's what I get to do... If the price to pay is being around him, but the reward is getting to beat the hell out of him, then I can tolerate it. But, I'm going to hopefully take his title and move on."

Paul captured the United States Championship when he defeated Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel in November. The "WWE SmackDown" star has sporadically appeared on WWE television since, including an episode where he defeated The Miz in a Summerslam 2022 rematch to become the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber.  Owens and Paul first faced off at WrestleMania 37 in Tampa Bay, when Paul interfered in a match between Owens and Sami Zayn. Owens left the star laid out in the ring with a stunner. The pair would renew their feud ahead of this year's Royal Rumble. Paul would go on to retain the championship over Owens via a controversial disqualification.