Lex Luger Touches On Whether Or Not He'll Be At Sting's AEW Retirement

While Sting has had many famous tag team partners over the years, from The Ultimate Warrior to start his career to current AEW World Tag Team partner Darby Allin, arguably his most famous teammate remains "The Total Package" Lex Luger. First teaming together in 1988, Luger and Sting became just as popular as a duo as they were as singles competitors, with their peak coming in 1995, when they held the WCW Tag Team Championships for over six months.


The history between Luger and Sting in the ring, and their close friendship outside of it, has led many to wonder whether or not Luger would have a presence at Sting's upcoming retirement match at AEW Revolution this Sunday. The question was posed to Luger during the most recent episode of "Lex Expressed," and while the wrestling legend stopped short of answering, he strongly hinted he was leaning towards making the trip to Greensboro, North Carolina.

"Let me put it this way...I will go back to 35 years of friendship," Luger said. "We talked about the guys [The Kliq] getting together at the Garden. Friendships sometimes transcend the kayfabe or work up the other, and there may be ramifications or may not. 


"Sting was there for me at 3 in the morning when I had my motorcycle wreck and they wanted to cut my arm off. He kind of stopped the doctors from cutting my arm off. So people can read into that what they want, on whether I might be at the building or not. I won't confirm anything, but I'm just saying.  I'll leave it in that context. How's that?"

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