Major STARDOM Talent Reportedly Leaving The Company Following WWE Speculation

For the last several months, it has seemed inevitable that STARDOM's Giulia would be departing the promotion for WWE, especially after turmoil gripped STARDOMĀ following the firing of its founder and booker, Rossy Ogawa. Now, with less than a month left before Giulia's contract with STARDOM expires, the inevitable appears closer than ever before.


Tokyo Sports confirms that Giulia will be departing STARDOM when her contract expires next month. The move comes as a surprise to no one, as the current New Japan Strong Women's Champion had informed the promotion and its parent company, Bushiroad, of her decision at the end of 2023, when rumors of her jumping to WWE had begun to service.

However, Giulia's destination will not be WWE, at least not immediately. Instead, she is expected to work for Ogawa's new promotion, which the former STADOM head confirmed was in the works shortly after his firing. This news will also come as no surprise, as previous reports had suggested Giulia would join Ogawa's new venture to help get it off the ground before then joining WWE later in the year, though her exact start date with WWE, should she sign, remains a mystery.


With Giulia's immediate plans now known, the question now turns to the fate of her New Japan Strong Women's Title, which she won from Willow Nightingale in July 2023. Though it had been previously hoped that Giulia would drop the title at New Japan's Windy City Riot event taking place in Chicago this April, she will not be taking part in the show, indicating her dropping the title will have to take place in STARDOM before her contract expires.