Why Jeff Jarrett Says Sting's AEW Dynamite Promo Is His Best Ever

Even after a week, many within wrestling cannot stop talking about the promo Sting cut last week on "AEW Dynamite." Filled with raw emotion thanks to the death of his father and the brutal attack by the Young Bucks weeks ago, Sting's declaration that the Bucks would have "the fight of their lives" at AEW Revolution this Sunday wowed many, with some even going as far to declare it the best promo in Sting's 38-year career.


As a long-time coworker and rival in WCW, TNA, and now AEW, Jeff Jarrett has seen plenty of Sting's best work over the years. But even he admitted on the latest episode of "My World" that, as he watched Sting's promo last week with AEW owner Tony Khan, Sting may have topped everything else that came before it.

"I think it's the very best promo he's ever done," Jarrett said. "And I think...I gotta be careful because I don't want to...blur the lines, because there was no blurring of the lines. Sting is going through a real-life situation with the passing of his father. And when you have those kinds of emotions...he touched on his own mortality, I've had those exact same thoughts with the passing of my father. 


"Sting started in 85, [and] here we are, almost 40 years [later]. The identity of who Steve Borden is...I truly believe that Steve is really ready to close the book on his wrestling career. I may be wrong, but my gut tells me, in a lot of ways...that promo was his final...that's why I feel this can kind of be so shallow, but it's like [that was] Sting's final babyface promo [and] that was heartfelt. Nobody had to be convinced if he really...meant those words, or if that was a wrestling promo."

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