Jinder Mahal Comments On WWE Stars Having More Creative Freedom Now

Wrestlers being able to get creative freedom is something that fans and talent are always hoping to see, and Jinder Mahal confirmed that the WWE roster currently has a lot more flexibility in their promos.


"Those two promos that I had, one with The Rock and one with Seth Rollins, a lot of that was what I kind of wanted to say and I was giving the freedom of some level which was awesome," he told "Gorilla Position." "You've got to trust the performers. We are each individual we bring different things, and let everybody shine, right? It's an exciting time for WWE, it's an exciting time to be a WWE performer."

There have been many tweaks in WWE lately due to the change in leadership, and this appears to be the latest example. Wrestlers being able to give their own opinions and thoughts in promos is naturally going to provide more of a connection to how they truly feel which should be in line with their character. However, Mahal doesn't just think it's the wrestlers themselves that now have more say in the overall product.


"I really believe the WWE Universe, our fans, are going to dictate what happens a lot more on our show now," Mahal said. "In the past sometimes when WWE was stuck in its ways, this is the direction we are going no matter, however, the crowd is going to react, they're going to react."

WWE seems to have given some leeway to their performers to cut promos off the cuff, with some very personal attacks incorporated in storylines, which include Drew McIntyre's promo targeting CM Punk, and The Rock's 21-minute recent promo on "WWE SmackDown."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Gorilla Position" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.