Lance Archer Discusses Frustrations With AEW Booking

AEW star Lance Archer has admitted that he does have frustrations about not being used on AEW television but feels that he will be ready whenever he's called upon.

Archer was a recent guest on "WrestlePurists," where he was asked if it is frustrating when he's not being used in AEW.


"I think it's frustrating for anyone that has a passion for anything, and then in this business, because we feel like ... sometimes we feel like it's an out of sight, out of mind scenario. But it's more, just because we're passionate. We want to be out there, we want to be performing for the people, we want to be ... whether it's in AEW or New Japan or one of the independents that I get to go and work in, which is why I do enjoy working independent shows and still going out to Japan and things like that because there are different outlets for the passion for the business of professional wrestling."

He added that being allowed to wrestle in other promotions despite being contracted to AEW helps him be visible to fans. 


"I can still be the Murderhawk Monster, whether it's at AEW or New Japan or around the independents. And that's one of the luxuries of working with AEW is that we're still allowed to do that. So while there's times when I'm not one of the mainstays in AEW, I'm still working, I'm still out there, I'm still visible, I'm still a part of it," said Archer.

Archer has wrestled in NJPW, The Wrestling Revolver, and GCW, apart from AEW and ROH in recent months.

My character is valuable, says Archer

During the course of the interview, Lance Archer added that he doesn't have to be in AEW all the time for him to be seen as a major threat to any of the stars in the promotion.

"How I feel is that my character, in the way I've presented myself, is always valuable at any moment," said the AEW star. "I feel like the Murderhawk Monster as a character, as a personality, and me myself is somebody that anytime I show up, doesn't matter what's happened in the past, at that moment, everyone believes that I could take down any one of the stars AEW."


He believes that he can step into the ring with any of AEW's top stars and be believable in the eyes of the fans. 

"I could be fighting Samoa Joe for the championship, and if I beat him, everyone would believe it, even if I hadn't been there in months. Or if I'm fighting Orange Cassidy or if I'm fighting Darby Allin or if I'm fighting any one of the number of amazing stars that are in AEW. When I step in there, I'm always a threat. So it's not necessarily [that] I have to be there all the time. I can come in and out and then when I do show up, I'm a threat, I'm ready to go," said Archer.

The former Casino Battle Royale winner added that he would like to be around more and fight for titles, but stated that he garners attention whenever he's in AEW. Archer recently revealed that he hasn't signed a new deal, but he could renegotiate a new contract with AEW in the future.