Logan Paul Details Idea For Another Viral WWE Clip

There hasn't been much Logan Paul hasn't done during his WWE tenure so far, although one of the few moments was his failure to win the Elimination Chamber match WWE Elimination Chamber just a few weeks ago. Even still, the WWE US Champion found a way to be productive and have a moment, as he passed the time waiting in his Chamber pod by drawing on it with a permanent marker.


On the latest episode of "IMPAULSIVE," Paul noted the viral success of the moment on social media and revealed that he actually approached WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H to get the green light to draw on the pod.

"The video of me drawing in the Elimination Chamber pod, that's one of my most viewed videos ever," Paul said. "I've been doing content my whole life. That video has more views than my engagement video. 40 million on Instagram, 20 million on TikTok, me just scribbling in the pod in the Elimination Chamber. And I asked Triple H, I said...which is unlike me, but I'm a professional, I'm asking for permission now. I say 'Hey, I have this idea. I have this really thick marker, and I want to draw on the pod while I'm waiting."


While talking about another moment he had with a referee at Elimination Chamber, Paul stated his belief that his true value comes from creating viral moments that gain attention from those not watching WWE events.

"I think those clips on social media going viral is where I add value in the WWE," Paul said. "Because you don't have to be watching or the PLE to see something entertaining involving the organization. You can watch and get your...piece of content that people can relate to or find entertaining on social media."

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