Tony Khan Assesses AEW Roster, Discusses Recruitment Process

As AEW gets set for "AEW Big Business" tonight in Boston, Massachusetts, it does so as the roster appears stronger than ever. In the last several weeks, the promotion has added former New Japan stars Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay to the fold and is believed to have secured Mercedes Mone, with the expectation she will debut at "Big Business" tonight, giving AEW three of the biggest free agents to hit the open market in 2024.


Sitting down with "TV Insider," AEW owner Tony Khan talked about the recent additions to the AEW roster, and just how far the roster has come since AEW formed in 2019.

"When we launched AEW, it was the first time in many years that so many resources and such a strong roster of wrestlers have come together to form a new challenger promotion," Khan said. "After five years, AEW is now stronger than ever before. Our roster continues to get deeper and better. This has become a popular destination that top stars seek out. This is the perfect time to continue expanding and growing. That is what tonight is all about. 'AEW Big Business.' With such a strong group of wrestlers in AEW today, we've come so far from the beginning of 2019.


"Now we have what I believe is the best roster in pro wrestling today. There are still so many great stars out there we are always looking to add and strengthen the group. I think we will continue to try to strengthen whenever we can add someone's skills to make AEW better. I think that constant innovation and the perpetual strides toward always wanting to get better are a big part of the spirit of AEW. I think tonight's Big Business show on TBS will showcase that innovation and fighting spirit."