AEW's Will Ospreay & Kenny Omega Seemingly Disagree On Need For A Rubber Match

Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega provided two "Match of the Year" candidates in 2023, but now that both are working for the same company, they seem to have different opinions on if they need to have a rubber match. Ospreay is now a full-time member of AEW, just as Omega is out for an undetermined amount of time due to diverticulitis. Before Omega's diagnosis, he defeated Ospreay at Wrestle Kingdom 17 for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship. Ospreay got his win back at Forbidden Door 2023, regaining the championship. Both recently spoke on their bouts and if a third match is warranted. Ospreay appeared on "Talk Is Jericho," and said he was all for it.


"[When] Kenny's back, we gotta do round three, as well. It's one all now," he said. "Unless, if you count our PWG match from 2015. I don't count it ... But I want to work with everyone. Strickland as well, he's one of the main guys. We grew up together ... It's so lovely that he's become what he is as well." Omega spoke about Ospreay on his Twitch channel. "The Cleaner" was unsure about going against his rival for a third time. He also mentioned wanting to wrestle Strickland, as they have yet to face each other in singles competition.

"I don't know that it needs to be a trilogy. I just kind of go where I'm needed, where the stories take me," Omega said. "And let's say in a perfect world, I am 100 percent or I can get myself where I can compete with these guys again, I think that Ospreay, it's still fresh in my mind. I mean like, I haven't wrestled Joe in like close to 20 years or something, maybe a little less, but it's about that, so there are a couple of other folks I need to get around to."