New AEW Star Mercedes Mone Was Initially Told Her 2023 Ankle Injury Was Career-Ending

New AEW star Mercedes Mone has revealed that she was informed last year that she would never be able to wrestle again due to an injury she had suffered. 

Mone, in a recent interview with "Sports Illustrated," stated that she suffered a nasty ankle injury in her match with Willow Nightingale last year, following which her doctor told her that she may not be able to wrestle again.


"I got an MRI in May, and the surgeon told me, 'This is career-ending.' That was the biggest shock in my whole life. I'd never really been injured like this before," said the former WWE star. 

Despite the shocking prognosis given by her doctor, Mone was determined to get back in the ring, which she also told her doctor.

"It was devastating when I was told I was never going to come back. But I always knew I would be back, and I told that to my surgeon. Now I'm healthy and my surgeon is calling his mentor saying, 'Look at what happened here, it's incredible.' I don't like being told no. I always believed I would be back, and now it's true," said Mone.

The former Sasha Banks added that the ankle injury was extremely painful, even more than her injury at Hell in a Cell, which she called the worst injury in her career. She described her injury as a "fight every day" and detailed how she couldn't put weight on her ankle for three months.


Mone made her highly-awaited AEW debut his past week on "AEW Dynamite: Big Business," where she opened the show and explained her reasons for arriving at AEW, even highlighting how she and Nightingale have unfinished business. The former "WWE Raw" Women's Champion hasn't wrestled since her match against Nightingale last May, where she lost the NJPW Strong Women's title to her fellow AEW star.