Mark Henry Says The Rock Has Made These WWE Stars Into 'Side Chicks'

While plenty of fans and wrestling pundits have been picking sides regarding the feud between Seth Rollins/Cody Rhodes and Bloodline members The Rock/Roman Reigns, people have also been picking sides regarding the debate of whether Rock's star power has cast a shadow over the others. The debate began after the WrestleMania 40 press conference in Las Vegas, where Rhodes officially usurped Rock to challenge Reigns at WrestleMania 40, and has only picked up steam since then, as many wonder whether Rock's presence has enhanced the star power of Rhodes, Rollins, and Reigns, or exposed it as lacking.


"Busted Open Radio" has been a place where the subject has seen plenty of debate, and that was the case again Monday when AEW's Mark Henry weighed in on the situation. And Henry can be counted among those who believe The Rock has made the regular WWE stars look a tad lesser when it comes to star power.

"I feel like The Rock has come in and somewhat made Roman and Cody and Seth side chicks," Henry said. "The Rock is a polarizing figure. One of the most famous people on earth, just by sight. You look at him and you go 'Oh, that's The Rock. I saw him in this series. I saw him in this series. I saw him...he's Black Adam.' The Rock is The Rock...And The Rock knows how to be a star. Some guys have become stars, but Rock already knows the formula. And he's going to stick to the formula."


Rock's star power was the focus again last night on "Raw," when "The Great One" confronted Rhodes at the start of the show, then attacked Rhodes to close the show, leaving the Royal Rumble winner in a bloody heap out in the pouring Chicago rain.

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