WWE Star Becky Lynch Lists Her 'Wrestling Soulmates'

WWE star Becky Lynch has named three current stars as her wrestling soulmates, wrestlers whom she could work with forever.

Lynch, to promote her new book "The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl," was asked by a fan on her recent appearance on "Live Signing" which stars she would want to wrestle all the time.


"Oh my gosh, you know, the very cool thing about that is I think there's several. I think Charlotte and I, obviously, have an undeniable chemistry and an undeniable history, and I think no matter how many times myself and Charlotte have wrestled, I think people are always going to want to see more," declared Lynch. "Another is Bianca Belair. She's fabulous. I love stepping in the ring with her. Every time we do I feel like there's a little bit of magic that happens."

While she seems to have respect for both Flair and Belair, which could be the reason why those two are a few of her wrestling soulmates, she enjoys facing Nia Jax for another reason.

"I've also loved beating the bejesus out of Nia Jax. I will say that I've loved it, I've loved leg-dropping her through an announce table on 'Monday Night Raw,' that was fun." Lynch and Jax were recently in a feud, which was put to rest on the March 18 edition of "WWE Raw," where "The Man" got the win in a Last Woman Standing match.


Lynch and Flair, who have a long history inside and outside the ring, seem to have put their past differences aside, which was in full public view on "WWE SmackDown" when the two exchanged belts. Lynch and Belair, meanwhile, also had a heated rivalry, culminating in the latter winning the world title from the former at WrestleMania 38.