AEW Star Kenny Omega's Social Media Seemingly Hacked

While social media has done plenty to bring the world closer together, it can also be a silly place where one must often be on their guard. That's a lesson AEW's Kenny Omega appeared to learn the hard way on Tuesday when his X account appeared to be hacked. Earlier in the afternoon, Omega's account posted three odd tweets, beginning with one asking why Omega had been fired by the Young Bucks, before declaring "no more outlaw mud show for me," a reference to an insult Jim Cornette often lobbies towards Omega, the Bucks and AEW.


Not long after, Omega's account tweeted out again, claiming Omega's "tummy hurt," a shot at Omega's ongoing battle with diverticulitis, which has kept him out of the ring since December and nearly put Omega's life in danger. The final tweet from the hacker was a little more tame, asking Omega's followers if they were excited about this weekend's WrestleMania 40 event.

The fun ended for the hacker shortly after 2:30, however, when Omega regained control of his account, deleting the tweets. Apologizing to his followers, Omega said the situation was thought to be under control, and joked that the situation had been a late April Fool's joke. In a subsequent tweet, Omega also thanked long-time friend, Jebailey, for alerting him to the situation. Later responding to a fan, Omega confirmed that he was kind of excited for WrestleMania, due to some of his friends having big matches on the show.


With the situation handled, Omega's former AEW rival Joey Janela decided to make light of it, tweeting to Omega to ask about the condition of his stomach. Upon a fan telling him not to tag Omega, Janela joked that he too had been the victim of a hack.