Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin Still NXT Tag Team Champs After Stand & Deliver Defense

Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin took on Nathan Frazer and Axiom for the "NXT" Tag Team Championships to kick off a WrestleMania weekend packed full of high-profile tag team action. One interrupted entrance and many near-falls later, The Wolfdogs retained their titles and stood tall over their electrifying competition to open Stand and Deliver.


The match began with chaos. Frazer and Axiom attacked The Wolfdogs during their entrance and put the "NXT" Tag Team Champions in a corner several times during the match. Each time, The Wolfdogs bit back in order to keep the fight going. The match began to unravel for the challengers when Corbin landed an End of Days on Axiom. Frazer narrowly missed a similar fate, but ran out of the move straight into a Spear from Breakker. Corbin the pinned Frazer to retain the "NXT" Tag Team Championships.

While the team of Frazer and Axiom did best main roster mainstays in The OC and the LWO to challenge The Wolfdogs for the "NXT" Tag Team Championships, they became the newest names on the list of teams overcome by The Wolfdogs. Ever since securing the "NXT" Tag Team Championships back in February 2024, Corbin and Breakker have been indiscriminately taking victories over everyone, from other "NXT" tag teams such as Chase U to main roster units like Alpha Academy. Breakker is also supposedly a member of the "WWE SmackDown" roster, though he hasn't wrestled for the blue brand since early March.