AEW's Tony Schiavone Assesses Paul Heyman's WWE Hall Of Fame Worthiness

38 years into his wrestling career, Paul Heyman finally entered the WWE Hall of Fame this past Friday, fittingly being inducted by his long-time client Roman Reigns in the city of Philadelphia, where Heyman achieved fame and recognition as the owner of ECW during the 90s. Heyman's induction has been applauded by many within the wrestling industry, from those within WWE to even those outside of the promotion, like AEW announcer Tony Schiavone.


On the latest episode of "What Happened When," Schiavone agreed wholeheartedly that Heyman was worthy of his Hall of Fame induction. While there are many reasons Heyman was seen as a no-brainer Hall of Famer, from his time running ECW to his many successful years as a manager, Schiavone, who worked with Heyman in WCW during the early 90s, believes Heyman's skills on the microphone is what helped secure him the ultimate honor.

"Paul E is one of the greatest talkers the business has ever seen," Schiavone said. "By far. Nobody can cut a promo like Paul E. Dangerously, even today. And I think he is deserving of this Hall of Fame honor, for many, many reasons. But I think that his ability to talk and cut a promo is far superior to almost anyone. [He's] one of the greatest promos ever. I mean Flair, Cornette, Paul E., or Paul Heyman, are three of the greatest talkers ever. Paul E. Dangerously knows to get over, you've got to be able to talk, and he is able to do it."


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