Report On Vince McMahon's Purported Mindset On Janel Grant Lawsuit, Possible Charges

Since he resigned from WWE in January after the emergence of a lawsuit by Janel Grant accusing him of sex trafficking and abuse, former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has largely been out of sight, out of mind. While some news has trickled out regarding McMahon's future plans, including the possibility of starting a new promotion, very few details have emerged regarding McMahon's thoughts regarding the lawsuit he faces, or potential charges as a federal investigation against him continues.


That changed this week. NBC News reports that those close to McMahon say he has continued to cooperate with the authorities investigating him and believes that he will not be charged in the matter. As for Grant's lawsuit, McMahon appears to be equally as dismissive, believing that the matter will be settled before reaching trial. This was denied by someone in Grant's camp, who stated there had been no talks of a settlement between McMahon and Grant.

Meanwhile, mixed signals have emerged regarding how much focus McMahon is putting on his legal issues. Some say McMahon has spent most of his time on the phone with his lawyers, attempting to formulate a strategy to fight against the lawsuit, and that he's become more "guarded" since the story emerged. 


However, others noted that McMahon is still active socially, using a private driver to travel from Connecticut to New York City, where he dines with friends, gets bi-weekly haircuts, and works out with a personal trainer. McMahon also has remained in touch with some in WWE, with sources saying he has conversed with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena. Aside from Johnson though, McMahon hasn't spoken with any WWE higher-ups or any family members regarding his legal woes, including his son-in-law Triple H and his daughter Stephanie McMahon.