Eric Bischoff Comments Further On Will Ospreay's AEW Dynamite Promo

The April 10, 2024 episode of "AEW Dynamite" was notable for several reasons; in addition to the backstage footage from AEW All In, the show included a promo from Will Ospreay responding to comments made by WWE executive Paul "Triple H" Levesque. Though Eric Bischoff already shared his thoughts on Ospreay's "Dynamite" promo, the former WCW executive returned to the topic during the latest episode of "83 Weeks."


Bischoff said he didn't see the specific comments from Levesque that sparked Ospreay's anger but was aware that Levesque never pointed out Ospreay by name. While Bischoff believes Ospreay took the comments too personally, he also thinks the AEW star has great potential.

"I'm not sure he's gonna realize [his potential] in AEW, because nobody else that's come in there has," Bischoff said. "If he took [Levesque's comments] personally, I understand that. It's human nature — I can't criticize someone for being human. I kind of wish he had been a little more creative."

Ospreay is new to most American viewers, Bischoff argued, and the wrestler needs to start building a fanbase here. The former WWE producer thinks that lashing out at Levesque was a mistake, with the general belief among fans that the company is on a creative hot streak at the moment. Taking a shot at Levesque could damage Ospreay in the eyes of those fans. More than anything else, however, Bischoff said he was disappointed by an apparent lack of quality in Ospreay's response.


"If you're down here and you're punching way the f**k up — if you need binoculars to try to hit the chin you're punching up to — be good at it," Bischoff continued. "Don't say something childish."

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