Tommy Dreamer Thinks We'll See This AEW Women's Division Star Turn Heel Completely

AEW Dynasty has come and gone, with "Timeless" Toni Storm retaining the AEW Women's World Championship over Thunder Rosa among other matches. Looking back at last week's "AEW Dynamite," former WWE star Tommy Dreamer believes it's possible there were some hints towards the division's future. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Dreamer predicted some big changes coming up for former TNA Wrestling star Deonna Purrazzo.


"I liked the aftermath [of Thunder Rosa vs. Mariah May] more and the story they're still trying to tell," Dreamer said. "Deonna Purrazzo, the Virtuousa, kind of feels a little jilted, I think. I think we're gonna see more of The Virtuosa attitude because she's more of a heel, and an amazing heel."

Heading into the latest pay-per-view, Storm and Rosa were the story's focus, Dreamer stated. However, he thinks Purrazzo will rise to the forefront of the AEW women's division once again, as hinted at by the tension shown between Purrazzo and Rosa last week.

"I think we'll see a continuation where Deonna turns completely heel, which would be a great move for Deonna," Dreamer continued. "That'll be a very, very interesting story. ... I'm a big fan of Deonna Purrazzo."


Dreamer believes Purrazzo spent years crafting her character in TNA, then known as Impact. While it's not yet clear how much of that character will translate over to AEW, the wrestling veteran seems certain that her skills as a performer will allow her to find success on the larger stage.

Purrazzo signed with AEW earlier this year, entering straight into a world title feud against Storm. The two wrestled at AEW Revolution, with Storm retaining her championship against her storyline rival. So far, it's Purrazzo's only loss since joining the company in January.

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