Eric Bischoff Says This WWE Star Has An 'Interesting Horizon' In Front Of Him

After an eight-month absence due to an injury that almost forced him to call it a career, Sheamus returned to WWE TV last week, defeating Ivar in singles competition on "WWE Raw." While most of the talk following the match had to do with Sheamus' physique instead of his win/immediate future, to the point that Sheamus responded to several fans' attempts to body shame him, some are looking forward to what Sheamus will be doing next, including Eric Bischoff.


On the latest episode of "83 Weeks," Bischoff, who has been fond of Sheamus ever since they briefly worked together in 2019, spoke about Sheamus' prospects within WWE, and why now may have been the best time for Sheamus to re-enter the picture after his long period of inaction.

"He's got a pretty interesting horizon right now, doesn't he?" Bischoff said. "He's been off long enough that [the] 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' factor has kicked in. It feels fresh. Yeah, would it have been nice if Sheamus had a story starting a year ago or six months ago that would've built towards WrestleMania? Sure, that would've been nice. 

"But if I'm Sheamus right now, I'm looking towards...'What happens to me over the next 12 months? What am I going to be doing, looking forward to the next WrestleMania?' Cause he's got a clear runway and he's got some support behind him. He's got a great creative team behind him now. Functionally, I think WWE Creative has probably never been even close to the level of efficiency and the quality of work that we're seeing now, just by what we've seen on the screen. And if I'm Sheamus, this is like a whole new lease on life."


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