Trick Williams: 4th Time Will Be The Charm Against Dragunov At WWE NXT Spring Breakin

For the last year, Trick Williams has seemingly been on the cusp of NXT Championship glory, only for his partnership and later rivalry with Carmelo Hayes to get in the way. After defeating Hayes twice in the span of ten days, however, Williams once again finds himself with a chance to capture that elusive NXT Championship, when he faces off against champion Ilja Dragunov this Tuesday at "NXT Spring Breakin."


Speaking with "Busted Open Radio" on Monday morning, Williams acknowledged his familiarity with Dragunov, and how unlike the previous encounters, where Williams found himself on the losing end, things would play out differently this time around.

"This is the fourth time facing each other face to face in that ring," Williams said. "But the fourth time is the charm. And I've got to go get what's mine."

The pressure will be on Williams even more so than in his previous matches with Dragunov, as Dragonuv only granted the rematch after Williams agreed to leave "NXT" should he lose. Williams revealed he was okay with the stipulation, however, and conceded that if he couldn't win the title, he wasn't deserving of being in NXT.


"Having a championship is a goal," Williams said. "That's what I set out here to do. I set out on this venture a long time ago when I told Shawn Michaels, to his face, I want to be the guy here at NXT. He told me a lot of people ask for this opportunity, but if they're not ready, you never know when you're going to get the ball again. So I knew what game I was getting into a long time ago. So if I can't beat Dragunov, I've got no business being here in the first place. So I'm perfectly fine with the stipulation."

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