Booker T Reacts To All In Backstage Footage Aired On AEW Dynamite

Booker T feels nothing significant happened in the CM Punk-Jack Perry footage and questioned if it was a fireable offense.

The WWE legend doesn't think the video helped the newly-returned Jack Perry and showed "exactly" what Punk said in his interview on "The MMA Hour."


"I don't think that was a fireable offense," Booker T said on an episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast. "I don't know what has been going on behind the scenes with CM Punk and Tony Khan or anything ... Because that did not seem like it was anything other than the boys getting into it. I've gotten into it with guys on the roster before, many, many times, and normally, after it happens, they would bring us in and say, 'Guys, either we're going to get along or somebody's going to have to get along.' One of the two. Then we'd shake hands and get back to work."

He acknowledged that even if he didn't like a colleague, he would still have to do business with them. Booker T also said separating those involved in the backstage brawl situation involving CM Punk, the Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega at All Out in 2022 into different shows was a mistake.


"I think that may have made the problem even worse because CM Punk was taken off the biggest show that they have and put on the Saturday show," he said. "Nobody was really watching, and then you expect that CM Punk was going to actually draw all the numbers for that show. If the number was bad, who was going to get the blame for it?"

AEW Dynasty brought the storyline reason for the company airing the backstage brawl footage between Punk and Perry to a close, as Perry interfered and helped The Young Bucks capture the AEW tag team titles from FTR.

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