Bully Ray Breaks Down Seed Planted Between Liv Morgan & Dominik Mysterio On WWE Raw

With Rhea Ripley forced out of action due to a shoulder injury, Becky Lynch once again finds herself atop "Raw's" women's division, eliminating Liv Morgan to win a battle royal Monday night and become the new Women's World Champion. While Lynch prevailing over Morgan again left some fans irate, Bully Ray saw the whole development as a positive for Morgan, largely due to a segment earlier in the show where Morgan shared a moment with Judgment Day's Dominik Mysterio.


Reviewing "Raw" on Tuesday during "Busted Open Radio," Bully revealed his belief that the Morgan/Dominik moment was the beginning of a much larger storyline.

"The planting of the seed of Liv and Dominik I believe is the story that's going to be told moving forward," Bully said. "Now maybe it's the story of Liv, for lack of a better word, seducing Dominik, making googly eyes at Dominik, wants to be Dominik's new 'Mami.' And she's going to use Dominik to get into the Judgment Day. She's going to manipulate Dominik. And maybe some guys in the Judgment Day are not happy about it. And this is how she's going to use Dom to get what she wants, and what does Liv want? Liv wants that championship. The 'Revenge Tour.'"


Bully Ray Outlines How Potential Storyline Could Set Up Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley

Explaining why it was better for Morgan not to win the Women's World Championship at the moment, and why Lynch's star power made her a more logical choice for the short term, Bully outlined his long-term idea based on Morgan and Mysterio's brief moment. The idea saw Morgan eventually becoming Women's World Champion and integrating herself into Judgment Day, leading to a program with Ripley once the latter returned.


"Can you imagine Liv Morgan infiltrating the Judgment Day?" Bully said. "Here's the story; she uses Dominik to get into the Judgment Day, she takes over the Judgment Day, with maybe Priest getting away from it, because Priest is telling these guys 'I don't need you, you don't need me.' So Priest might be getting himself away from it.

"The Judgment Day might need some new leadership or guidance. She gets into Dominik's head. Dominik convinces the rest of the guys 'We can use her.' She takes over the club, she takes Dom's heart. And now we have the setup for the return of Rhea. 'You b***h! You took my man, you took my club, you took my championship. And now I'm coming to take it all back.'"

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