Tony Khan Promises 'Power Struggle' Will Be Addressed On AEW Dynamite In His Absence

It's been an eventful few weeks for AEW President Tony Khan. Coming off one of AEW's most critically acclaimed pay-per-views ever in Dynasty, Khan put his differences with Jack Perry aside and reinstated him after an eight-month exile. This however proved to be costly as Perry, The Young Bucks, and Kazuchika Okada all attacked Khan at the end of the April 24 "AEW Dynamite," forcing him to wear a neck brace. Khan then appeared over the NFL Draft weekend wearing said brace, while also being able to run all of AEW's programming due to it taking place in Jacksonville.


AEW will be traveling to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for the May 1 "Dynamite," but due to his injuries suffered at the hands of The Elite, Khan won't be making the trip. Speaking with TV Insider, the AEW CEO noted that the person who'll take onsite charge of the company for the time being will be revealed this Wednesday. "We all have experience working outside the office. During the lockdown, we got used to meetings on Teams and Zoom. I'll still be overseeing AEW and managing the show remotely. As for who will be the highest-ranking official onsite, stay tuned Wednesday. It will certainly be addressed this week on TBS. This power struggle that is happening in AEW."

The Elite have already made it clear why they did what they did, with Perry wanting revenge and the Bucks wanting to have full control over the company so it can get back to the way things were. Kenny Omega, a man who was recently fired by The Elite, is an EVP who has been out of the picture for some time, but with his return to the company coming this Wednesday in Winnipeg, there could be fireworks right on Omega's doorstep.