Tommy Dreamer Gets Candid About 'Safe' Episode Of WWE Raw

While the rosters may not be fully set until next week, the WWE Draft has officially come and gone, with selections being wrapped up last night on "Raw." But despite all the excitement surrounding the draft, Tommy Dreamer was left wanting more, both regarding the draft and WWE's buildup to their PLE, Backlash, this Saturday.


During Tuesday's episode of "Busted Open Radio," Dreamer talked about enjoying the buzz and feel of "SmackDown's" portion of the draft compared to "Raw's." He also noted that the "Raw" show seemed less focused on the draft, more toward months down the line.

"I think it was moreso 'We're setting stuff up for the future,'" Dreamer said. "There was nothing wrong with the wrestling. There was nothing wrong with any of the stuff...But I feel they're planting seeds for other stuff, where it's also 'Hey, this is 'Monday Night Raw.' Your first draft. It should be a bigger and better thing.'"

Dreamer also felt that the show didn't do enough to build hype for Backlash this Saturday, and admitted that "Raw" felt a bit on the "safe" side, something he felt WWE had been doing less of over the past few months under the new creative regime.


"I don't know what angles were furthered to get me to watch the PLE, coming off this," Dreamer said. "I used to say 'There's placeholder shows and there's safe shows...' which they haven't done in a long time. Even rolling up to WrestleMania, there was some badass stuff. But I just think they were setting the table other stuff. But yeah, that' was a wonkier one to me. And listen, not every show's going to be a hit."

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