Tommy Dreamer Contrasts WWE Draft As Seen On Raw & SmackDown

Much like the pop-punk movement of the 90s or Uwe Boll's directing career, the 2024 edition of the WWE Draft has come and gone, with both "SmackDown" and "Raw" making their selections over the past week. While the rosters haven't been solidified just yet, with that coming this Monday on "Raw," enough has occurred that fans and pundits have begun to analyze how the draft came across, and whether the presentation of the "SmackDown" or "Raw" versions was superior.


Since "Raw" came to a close on Monday, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer has been vocal about preferring how "SmackDown's" draft came off in comparison to the red brand. That opinion hadn't changed Wednesday on "Busted Open Radio," where Dreamer contrasted the two shows once more, pointed out some of the positives from the draft as a whole, and again explained why he enjoyed "SmackDown's" presentation the most.

"I liked the whole switching of brands thing a little bit more," Dreamer said. "I think, again, based upon ratings, we have to be creatures of habit. [The] last draft that we just saw did really, really good numbers. They [WWE] would take it the way they can. They can tweak it a little bit. 

"But, [as] you and I talked about it yesterday, two...different shows, because of the crowd. But [there was] a different, 100%, feel to both nights. And they had the same presenters, they had a lot of the same stuff. But it was just a different feel. [I] don't know why. We kind of tried talking about it with the fans. But just...Friday seemed like a real draft. Monday felt like a scripted Oscars."


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