AEW's Powerhouse Hobbs Speaks Out On Injury: 'The Only Choice Is To Come Back Better'

Late last month, Powerhouse Hobbs unfortunately injured his knee during an IWGP World Heavyweight Championship challenge against Jon Moxley on "AEW Dynamite." Hobbs' injury is said to be severe enough to require surgery, and the AEW star addressed this recent obstacle in a post on social media platform X


According to Hobbs, injuries are inevitable in the industry. However, the true test performers must face is their eventual return to the ring.

"I've been told I'll come back like nothing ever happened," Hobbs wrote. "So, why do I feel so angry right now? Why do I feel so disappointed? It's because that's all bulls**t. Nobody comes back the same after any injury. The only choice is to come back BETTER."

The performer signed off at the end of the post using his real name, Will Hobson, indicating that the words came from the heart. At the same time, Hobbs assured fans and his fellow AEW performers that he would be a force to reckon with upon his return.

"The doctors tell me not to worry," Hobbs continued. "Just HEAL and RECOVER. They have no idea that this is nothing compared to the Hell I've been through. Just rest assured when I come back I'm bringing Hell with me."


As of his last appearance, Hobbs was a member of the Don Callis Family, which he joined during an episode of "Dynamite" in October 2023. After first joining AEW in 2020, the former TNT Champion had been a member of Team Taz before breaking out on his own.