New WWE Signee Giulia Set To Headline Rossy Ogawa's Inaugural Marigold Show

Former STARDOM boss Rossy Ogawa is about to embark on a journey with the launch of his new promotion Marigold, which will host its first event, 'Fields Forever,' at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on May 20. Ogawa was fired by STARDOM's parent company Bushiroad in February after it was revealed that Ogawa was attempting to poach talent for his new promotion. Of the STARDOM roster that Ogawa attempted to poach, the biggest star that has joined the Marigold roster is Giulia, despite the fact she won't be sticking around long, as she has agreed to a deal with WWE.


However, Giulia will be part of the first-ever Marigold main event, as the full card for the show has been officially revealed. What was originally announced as Giulia teaming up with a mystery partner to take on former WWE star Sareee and a mystery partner of her own has now been confirmed as Giulia and former World of STARDOM Champion Utami Hayashishita taking on Sareee and German star Bozilla. Bozilla is one of the young foreign exports who will be part of Marigold's first event, with the likes of Myla Grace from Ireland, and Zayda Steel from the United States also appearing on the card.

As for Giulia's immediate future, she has agreed to fulfill her commitments in Japan and help Ogawa's new venture get up and running. Once she has done that, she will be traveling to North America to become a member of the "WWE NXT" brand as she will report to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, with late June or early July being cited as a potential starting time. Sources within WWE believe Giulia could be part of the "NXT" Heatwave event in Toronto on July 7, with the expectation within WWE being that she would be challenging for a championship as soon as she arrives.