Why WWE Star Drew McIntyre Says He May Start Smacking Michael Cole Around

Since CM Punk returned to WWE back in November, Drew McIntyre has become consumed with hatred towards the polarizing star, to the point that he injured Punk during the Men's Royal Rumble match and later bragged about it. That hatred toward Punk has only continued to grow for McIntyre since then, in part due to Punk costing McIntyre the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania and a shot at a rematch for the title days later on "Raw," and it's gotten to the point that McIntyre is starting to take it out on others, including announcer Michael Cole.


Sitting down with "The Pat McAfee Show" on Tuesday afternoon, McIntyre talked about it felt everyone was working against him, including Punk and Cole. He then issued a strong message to McAfee, Cole's announcing partner, regarding what he would do if Cole continued to spew what McIntyre feels is propaganda against him.

"I suggest you have a talk with Michael Cole," McIntyre said. "He's got the most powerful voice in WWE. He controls the narrative in WWE, whether people realize it or not. He puts the thoughts in their head that they're constantly thinking. One time he was telling them 'Drew McIntyre is the centerpiece of WWE. He got us through the pandemic.' I did and these days he calls me delusional, he calls me a hypocrite. 


"It's appropriate he comes from the background he does in the mainstream media. He controls the narrative of WWE, and right now, I don't like the messages he's putting out about Drew McIntyre. I suggest you get in his ear, or I'm going to get in his face and start smacking him around."

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