Ric Flair Reportedly Considering Legal Action Following Florida Restaurant Incident

After not appearing on AEW programming since March, Ric Flair made the news again this week following an incident involving him in a Gainesville, Florida Piesanos Stove Oven Pizza restaurant last weekend. Flair initially claimed on social media he had been wrongfully asked to leave the establishment, followed by a manager from a sister Piesanos claiming Flair had been drunk and disorderly. This was followed by video of the incident being released over TikTok on Tuesday, which showed a belligerent Flair arguing with Piesanos staff.


Now on Wednesday, Flair is giving his side of the story, speaking with "The Gainesville Sun." Flair stated that he was approached by a member of Piesanos' kitchen staff while attempting to use the restroom, seemingly for an autograph, which Flair declined. He claims the staff member then went into the restroom stall, and that, after several minutes, Flair could still see the staff member sitting and texting through a crack in the stall door. At that point, Flair told him to "get off your ass," so that the "Nature Boy" could use the restroom.

Piesanos Co-Owner Commends Staff For Acting Professionally In Flair Incident

After finally doing so, Flair, who he said was "as happy as could be" claims to have been accosted by a female staff member, who accused Flair of being a "peeping tom" for spying on the other staff member. Flair took offense to these remarks, leading to the confrontation seen on video between Flair and the Piesanos manager. Contrary to his claims in the video, Flair did admit to cussing out the kitchen staff member earlier, while also confirming he did tip a female bartender $1,000, even though she didn't oblige his request to tell the manager to "kiss his ass."


Piesanos co-owner Jerry Roberts also spoke with "The Sun," revealing the tip was rejected, and the restaurant instead paid the employee the $1,000. As he had in earlier statements, Roberts commended his staff for their professionalism and said the leaked video "speaks for itself." That still may be enough for Flair, who revealed he was considering filing a lawsuit against the establishment, even joking that he could buy the restaurant and rename it "Ric Flair's Italian Bistro" if he felt so inclined. The "Nature Boy" also apologized to anyone who was offended by the incident.