Ric Flair Comments On Restaurant Incident, Says He Should Have Left Before He Got Mad

It's only Wednesday, but the saga of Ric Flair and his not-so-excellent adventure at a Gainesville, Florida Piesanos Stove Oven Pizza restaurant has continued to generate headlines. The story first came to light on Monday when Flair took to social media to complain about the establishment throwing him out. This was followed by accusations from a neighboring Piesanos manager that Flair was "drunk and disorderly," and the release of video footage on Tuesday showing Flair angrily confronting Piesanos staff.


The story continued to evolve on Wednesday, when Flair gave his account to "The Gainesville Sun," and even suggested he could pursue legal action against Piesanos. Flair's tone was a little softer later on Wednesday, however, when he was contacted by the "MJ Morning Show" for his account of the situation. Flair provided additional details he hadn't included earlier, claiming his stepdaughter left the place due to feeling "scared," because of how strong the Piesanons staff came across. He again confirmed that an altercation with a kitchen worker escalated his behavior.

"When I'm put in an area where I'm uncomfortable...I got upset," Flair said. "It caught me off guard because we were having a wonderful time."


Despite that, Flair did admit that he should've departed from the restaurant before losing his cool. Flair also noted that, even after everything that happened, he would later order food from Piesanos that night, which he said was delivered to him by Uber Eats at around 6 p.m. In a stark contrast from his tone earlier in the day, Flair praised the restaurant, noting that they have "great food."