How Kevin Sullivan Thinks Roman Reigns Will Be Positioned When He Returns To WWE

Roman Reigns hasn't been seen on TV since his loss against Cody Rhodes that closed WWE WrestleMania 40. According to Paul Heyman on recent episodes of "WWE SmackDown," Reigns won't be back anytime soon, but there's no telling when the former champion truly make his return. During a recent episode of "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," former WCW star Kevin Sullivan shared his thoughts on Reigns' inevitable comeback.


"To me, it looks like [Reigns] is gonna return as a babyface [but] not right away," Sullivan said. "They'll have an elaborate story [featuring] Roman, The Rock, and The Bloodline — and I even can see Cody [Rhodes] involved in that."

Sullivan pointed out the moment from earlier this year that saw The Rock pull Rhodes in close to whisper something in his ear – a message that has yet to be revealed by either man. Not knowing what was said between the two has created a feeling of anticipation in fans, with Sullivan believing that the story has the audience exactly where the WWE performers want them.

"I think anticipation is greater than reality," Sullivan continued. "They left themselves like a magician over a trap door. They can go up or down with it. And Cody, in my mind, has to be involved in that somewhere."


The veteran wrestler then ran down a brief list of paths the story could take, including Rhodes siding with The Rock or possibly a different faction within The Bloodline. The group recently ejected Jimmy Uso following the departure of his brother Jey last year, with Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa now being brought in to join Solo Sikoa and Heyman. On top of that, there are rumors that WWE could have another Bloodline member waiting in the wings for a debut in the form of Jacob Fatu.

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