Dave Meltzer Analyzes Recent WWE Departures

Ever since WWE completed its merger with Endeavor to form TKO Holdings this past September, the promotion has seen plenty of turnover with its corporate staff, with many notable names in the WWE hierarchy being let go. That continued this past week when it was reported that executives Michael Levin and Steve Rubin had both departed the promotion, with it being noted that Levin's departure was due to his position as VP of International Events and General Manager of Emerging Markets being "phased out."


On Sunday's "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer provided more context regarding the departures of Levin and Rubin. In particular, Meltzer noted that Rubin's departure had not been well received, as the former Senior Director of TV Event Relations, who had worked in WWE for over 26 years, was very popular within the promotion. While no one within WWE has publicly criticized Rubin's exit, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW personality Ric Flair bemoaned the move on social media last week, claiming WWE letting go of Rubin was "the worst professional move I've ever seen in my entire life."

Meltzer was quick to point out that Levin and Rubin's departures from WWE were a sign that the overhaul of WWE's executive branch would be continuing, despite TKO's insistence that the initial cuts following the merger would be the only cuts. Meltzer also believes that Levin and Rubin won't be the last WWE executives let go and that there would be "no sacred cows" in terms of long-time WWE employees maintaining their roles, pointing to the April departure of Sue Aitchinson, WWE's former Director of Community Relations, as an example.